best soccer betting linesSoccer betting is undoubtedly the most popular sports gambling pastime in the world. It only makes sense to have a guide on how to make money betting on soccer. Soccer fans can turn their support for their team into a great money-making hobby. Soccer gambling in South Africa is a very big industry and supporters can take advantage of their knowledge of the sport and make money while they at it. Bet soccer matches online from international leagues along with the best domestic competitions.

You can browse through soccer bets online to find out which teams are pegged as favourites and which ones are underdogs. Go through our soccer betting guide to find out how it all works, the most popular bets to place and tips to bet and win every time. Find a list of the best online soccer betting websites in South Africa and start winning today.

Best Soccer Betting Sites South Africa

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Online Soccer Betting Guide


Latest Soccer Betting News

How to bet on Soccer and Win

There are plenty of ways you could be spending your money, none more exciting than betting on your favourite soccer team. You will come across several leagues that all have their own favourites and underdogs. That does not always mean that the team pegged as favourites will win every time. Here’s how you can get started with your soccer bets online.  For players that are not familiar with how to bet on soccer, there are certain conditions that you need to consider first.

  • League Competition: Bettors need to ensure that they choose a competition that they have an interest and prior knowledge on. This includes making sure that you will be able to get coverage on the different games from around the world.
  • Soccer Team: Punters need to choose a team that has a history of winning. This is important because players will place their real money on the line and they would expect to make it back.
  • Betting Odds: Each online bookie features soccer betting odds based on their independent analysis of the match. Players should search for the best betting odds in soccer and register with that bookmaker.
  • Betting Bonus: Look for online sports betting websites that offer new players a bonus for signing up. This will stretch the player’s bankroll and allow them to bet with free money.
  • Legal Betting Sites: SA bettors should only consider signing up at online betting sites that are licensed with a reputable gambling commission.

Top Soccer Betting Leagues & Tournaments

The best soccer betting websites feature odds from the most-watched and universal soccer leagues in the world. Here’s a list of the most popular leagues and international soccer competitions to bet on. You can find soccer bet fixture, tips and the latest results on each page:

Soccer Betting Tips for Beginners

Boost your chances of picking the right team win by studying our online soccer betting South Africa guide. Our expert’s guide to betting on soccer describes the soccer betting tips and predictions that have been successful for many bettors over a period of time. Gamblers can be assured that extensive research went into collecting these tips and tricks to betting on soccer. While there are no guarantees that you will win every time, you will find victory in exercising some form of strategy.

  • Pay attention to the soccer bet fixture before you place your wage. The schedule of a team will indicate whether players are likely to be tired after playing back-to-back games.
  • Due diligence: Bettors should ensure that they make bets informed by reliable stats and not emotions. Emotional bets relate to betting only on teams that you support.
  • Soccer as a sport is a low scoring game unlike rugby and cricket for instance. Therefore, punters should choose bets that reflect low scoring averages.
  • Punters should raise the stakes when the favourites have an overwhelming edge over their opponents. Typically, soccer betting pros select the handicap bet when the outright market does not pay out a lot.
  • Players can bet on the half-time score to raise their payout potential.
  • Live soccer bets are known to pay out big. This is because the odds change as the game progresses.

Bet on Soccer Online

Soccer Betting Predictions Today

Soccer betting online in South Africa has the advantage of presenting expert tips to bettors. These tips are a combination of years studying the game and looking at previous soccer bet results. Players get free betting predictions from professionals that have also played the sport. South African punters can bounce their knowledge of football with soccer tipsters in order to make a well-informed wager.

Live Soccer Betting Online

In the event that you missed the early kickoff, don’t sweat it. There are numerous live soccer betting odds that you can choose from. The best soccer betting sites feature in-play betting markets in real-time. Bet on the soccer team to score the next goal and win big today.

How to Read Soccer Betting Odds

Each competition features different odds due to the fact that teams change their focus when playing different contests. League games always offer chances to redeem yourself because the games are stretched over a period of months. Soccer tournaments have knockout competitions which promise teams a great reward for winning the trophy. Bettors should note the difference and bet accordingly. There are two main soccer betting lines that you will find in South Africa online:

Fractional format

Fractional odds represent betting options displayed in a fractional format whereby the number on the left reflects the potential payout and the number on your right is your stake.

Decimal format

Just as the name suggests, Decimal odds will appear in decimal format. Meaning that bettors have to multiply their stake by the decimal figures indicated to have an idea of how much they will win.