Horse Racing Gambling South AfricaHorse racing has been part of gambling for a long time, stretching all the way back to ancient Roma. The thrill of watching the best thoroughbred races grew in stature and spread around the world. Nowadays, horse racing fans can place bets on their favourite horse and win loads of cash prizes. There are dedicated horse betting sites in South Africa that offer the best betting odds on horse racing events around the year.

You can read up on how to bet on horses in our guide. We go a step further to provide horse racing tips for upcoming horse races you can bet on in South Africa. Despite the fact that horse racing gambling is as old as time, bettors still need to keep up with the latest trends.

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Horse Racing Betting Guide

How Horse Racing Betting Online Works

It is quite easy to place a bet on horses online. It is not too dissimilar from gambling on horses offline. Punters just need to be aware of what the betting options mean and how to choose the best horse racing odds. That’s what we are here for! We’ve created our horse betting South African tutorial that will be helpful to your betting career. Below are some of the most popular types of horse racing bets in South Africa.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

All the top horse racing betting sites in SA offer the best betting markets for horse racing fans. And since all bettors want to enjoy watching horse racing events and make money at the same time, they need to know what they are doing. There are some basic horse bets that you need to start with an advance towards the more advanced horse betting options.

Straight Line Horse Racing Bets

For the beginner to horse race betting, straight bets are the best place to start. They do not require punters to have extensive knowledge of horse racing and what’s more, they are relatively cheap. Some of the straight line bets include the following:

  • Win Bet – players bet on the horse that they predict will win the race and come first.
  • Place Bet – just as the name hints, you predict the position that your chosen horse will end up.
  • Show Bet – SA bettors wager on a horse to come in the first three positions in the race. That is, you win if you predicted your favourite to win first, second or third place.
  • Win-Place Show Bet – this bet ticks all the boxes and relates to a scenario where your selected horse wins first, second and/or third position.

Once you have established a good winning streak, you can proceed to the more intricate bets that have a much higher payout potential:

Exotic Horse Race Bets

Exotic bets offer bettors way more money by increasing the number of scenarios in a horse race that they can bet on. They provide a much higher reward because for the bet to win, all of the predicted outcomes need to be correct. Here are a few exotic bets on a single race that you will come across at online bookies in SA:

  • Exacta – in this bet, punters predict two horses that will take first and second place. You will only win if the horses come in the exact predicted position.
  • Quinella – unlike Exacta, Quinella bets are predictions on two horses to come in first or second place in any particular order.
  • Superfecta – similar to the Trifecta bet, but the difference here is that you pick four horses instead of three. They also have a win in the order that you have made a bet.
  • Trifecta – it is a bet on the three best horses to come in first, second, and third place in the precise order you picked.
  • Hi-5 – punters predict the first five horse race finishers in no specific order to win.

You can also place exotic bets on multiple races to increase your winnings. Those bets are also a little different, increasing the risk but also increasing the reward.

  • Daily Double Bet – in this event, punters pick winners of two consecutive races and win.
  • Pick 3 – just like the daily double, punters increase the number of winners to three consecutive races and all horses have to win in their respectively.
  • Pick 4 – Players can bet on winners of successive horse race winners up to six race events and win big.

horse racing betting online South Africa

How to Use Horse Betting Strategy

Put your newly acquired knowledge to great use and bet on horses today. The different bets should not scare you. If you follow our horse betting South African tutorial, you will realise that it isn’t all that complicated. Our expert horse tipsters have been gambling for years and figured out that certain strategies have a high propensity to win than others.  Here are some betting tips on horse racing we think will be useful:

  • Shop around for the best odds and try to predict an upset every now and then. Generally, the horses pegged to win have a low payout and that defeats the whole purpose.
  • Sign up at a sports betting website that has the best horse racing bonus. This will increase your bankroll and allow you to find your feet without losing your money.
  • Visit the best horse handicapping sites as they typically have payout the most. Bettors rarely win with handicaps in horse racing but if lady luck is on your side, the payout may be huge.
  • Pay specific attention to the order of the race as the horses in a poll position generally, perform well.

Best Horse Racing Events for SA punters