Best Boxing Betting SitesBoxing betting is probably the sports betting market that has the least amount of upsets. The favourites have a general tendency to come through. This means that players typically enjoy long streaks of winning betting on boxing. If your gut is telling you that an underdog will win, it also means that your potential payout will be astronomical. Online bookmakers keep the combat sport interesting by offering odds on when the boxing fight will end and how.

You can bet on an early knockout and/or the eventual winner to increase your payout. Bettors that aren’t familiar with the sport should brush up on their boxing knowledge reading our guide. Our boxing betting guide features betting odds in boxing, SA sports betting sites that offer betting lines for the most interesting matches around.

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A Short History of Boxing

Boxing betting has been prevalent for centuries, with fans of the sport wagering on the outcomes of matches from around the world. It has a history dating back to Ancient Greek times where leather thongs would wrap around boxers' fists in the early Olympic Games. With time, modern boxing gloves were developed - and even metal tips in Ancient Rome - to increase the effectiveness of punches. From then on, bare-knuckle contests became popular before more protective gear was used in current bouts.

Boxing betting has become increasingly popular over recent years as the rules of the sport have been revised to create a safer and more entertaining experience for viewers. With the introduction of larger, more protective gloves, competitors can now fight for longer periods of time with less risk of injury. This increased competition has sparked a surge in interest from both fans and investors alike, making boxing betting one of the most exciting pastimes around!

How Does Boxing Betting Work?

Learning how betting on boxing works online is not a complicated process. In fact, all you do is rely on the boxing stats to indicate which fighter to endorse. Bettors can wager on a range of bets that differ in terms of payout and risk involved. And you know what they say – the bigger the risk, the higher the reward. Glance through some of the more popular boxing betting lines that you will come across at boxing betting websites in South Africa.

Boxing Betting Line Online

Just like most sports betting lines, you first get introduced to the outright bets where you have to decide on the overall winner of the match once all the points have been tallied. This is probably the easiest bet that beginners can make as it comes with minimal risk. You may lose, but the odds of that happening are pretty low. Here are more betting lines that you will find:

  • Boxing Moneylines – Boxing features moneyline bets that are unique to the sport. There are two boxing moneyline bets that you can place, the two-way money line as well as the three-way. The two-way money line is a bet on the fighter to win the bout or of the fight will be a draw. The three-way bet is when you bet on all possible scenarios, a win, draw and a loss.
  • Total Over/Under Rounds Market – The total in boxing is the prediction of the number of rounds that a boxing fight will go. It differs to a money line in that they don’t look at the punches landed or judge scorecard.
  • Full Distance Bet – In boxing betting, punters can wager that there will not be a knockout during the match. That means that the fight will last the full 12 rounds and be decided by the judges.
  • Type/Method Victory – Wagering on how a boxer will win their match. Will it either be a total knock out (TKO) win, knock out (KO) or disqualification (DQ).

Boxing Sports Betting Sites

Brawler or slugger

Betting on boxing requires you to assess both the skill and form of the fighters. Two main types of fighters are outside boxers, who rely on speed and finesse, and brawlers, known for their powerful punches that focus more on strength than agility. When these two distinct types are in the ring together it creates an intriguing matchup: agility vs. power.

Boxing betting is the practice of wagering on the outcome of a match involving two boxers. Punters look for fighters with a good defense, who can stay on their feet despite taking counterpunches. These warriors must also possess an unwavering determination and willingness to keep going no matter how hard they're hit by their opponents!

Outside fighter or boxer

Betting on boxing is becoming increasingly popular, and should not be taken lightly. Many gamblers will look at the style of fighter to give them a better indication of potential outcomes. An outside boxer typically goes for longer range punches and relies more on wearing down their opponent with consistent, strong punches to get the win - however they often won't deliver a knockout strike, making it more about winning on points.

Boxing betting has long been a popular sport among both casual observers and dedicated fans alike. The different boxer styles range from completely offensive fighters to defensive players who excel in counter-punching. Boxer-punchers are those who rely on a mix of both tactics, relying on aggressive attacks and evasive maneuvers in turn. Whatever your preferred betting style is, there is sure to be a boxer or boxing match to suit your taste!

Inside fighter or swarmer

Betting on boxing matches can be a great way to make money - but it’s important to understand the different fighting styles. Swarmer fighters, for example, tend to be shorter brawlers who like to come in close and throw hard punches using hooks and uppercuts. Because of their stature and agility, they can limit the space available for their opponents with longer arms. Understanding these strategies is key when making informed boxing betting decisions.

When betting on a boxing match, it's important to take the fighters' styles and skills, as well as any recent developments into account. By looking at a boxer's biography and history of matches, you can start to gauge how they might fare in the ring. With this information, you can make informed decisions about who to put your money on.

Best Betting Strategy for Boxing

There are many things to ponder about when placing a bet on boxing fights. Unlike other sports, boxing is categorised in different weight classes. This is important to note for players that are going to bet based on how big someone may look. There are statistics and rankings systems that you need to know about before you place a wager. When placing a bet on any boxing fight, the most important things to consider are the milestones of the fighter, the boxer’s styles along with their overall abilities, and levels in the game. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Every fighter has a unique fighting style, some prioritise power while others prefer speed.
  • Strength matters in heavyweight fights while middleweight fights are prone to be won by boxers who are quick with the jab.
  • Boxing is an art, which means technique matters. Even if a fighter may have a clear advantage in terms of height and strength, they need to also possess the skill to fight.
  • It is important for a fighter to be agile and have quick reflexes. These are key both in defence and in an attack.
  • Because a boxing match can last up to 12 rounds, it is important to always consider fighters with endurance and willpower. When the odds are against a player, they must find an extra gear to push and win.

Taking all of this into consideration, you will be able to place a well-informed bet. Try your luck and see if you can win today.

Boxing Main Event Schedule

  • AIBA World Boxing Championships
  • The AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships
  • AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships
  • Boxing World Cup
  • Olympic Games
  • Youth Olympic Games
  • World Series Boxing
  • World Amateur Boxing Championships