Best Cricket Betting SitesBetting on cricket in 2024 has peaked since it’s the World Cup year. There are numerous cricket betting sites on the internet that offer South African cricket betting enthusiasts a chance to win great cash prizes. We are a great source of all cricket betting predictions and tips.

SA gamblers no longer need to rely solely on your gut feeling when betting on cricket. We have combined the expertise of gambling experts and former cricket professionals to render their analysis of cricket matches. Players can use our online cricket betting tips and predictions. Additionally, check out our shortlist of best online betting sites in the world that feature different betting odds for domestic and international competitions.

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites

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What You Will Find on this Guide

Latest Cricket Betting News

How to Bet on Cricket – Beginner’s Guide

The cricket novice should not fret, we’ve got you covered. Our online cricket betting guide describes how to read and calculate odds to make an informed bet. Before you even get there, bettors need to familiarise themselves with how the different cricket bets work at each online bookie.

Betting on Cricket Online

  • The first step for players still finding their feet is to look for the online bookmaker with the best betting odds. Each online betting site features independent betting odds based on their analysis of the match. Select the bookie with the highest payout potential and one that features a deposit bonus for new players that sign up.
  • The deposit options that a bookmaker consists of are important because they show how long you may have to wait for your deposit to be processed. SA punters need to choose sports betting sites with banking methods that South Africans are familiar with.
  • Following adding funds into your casino account, players need to choose a cricket competition they want to bet on. Some cricket matches stretch for days so players need to choose a game they know they will follow till the end.
  • The final step is to place a wager on the bet that will yield the most money. The bookmaker will trigger a confirmation bubble that players need to click on. This bubble will display all the bets a player made and then generate a ticket after a confirming the bet.

The most popular cricket betting websites have a long list of markets that players can take advantage of. This list of cricket betting markets extends beyond the outright winner of a match. There are betting options that relate to the collective output of the team along with the individual performances. Some bets are calculated match-by-match while there’s the option to bet on the team to win the series.

  • Players can bet on the side that will win the cricket match after it is complete. This bet can stretch for days but the winning team will have the most runs.
  • Bet on the cricket player that will be named the man of the match award after the game has finished.
  • Bettors have the option of choosing the player that will be the best bowler in the match. The decision is made based on the player that takes the most wickets in a match.
  • The batsman that hit the most boundaries can constitute a bet. Wager on the batsman to hit sixes or fours in the match and win.
  • Punters can predict the cricket batsman that will make the most runs in the game.
  • Cricket in-play bets are also quite popular. Bet on the live cricket rate of the match and when will a streak be ended in real time.

Cricket Betting Odds

There are several types of cricket betting odds that players need to understand. The cricket odds speak to the amount of money that players will win for each bet they place. There are two popular betting odds for players to get familiar with at South African betting sites online.

Decimal Odds Betting

The decimal betting odds are displayed in decimal numbers (e.g. 2.50) and your stake is multiplied by the odds in order to find the potential payout.

Fractional Odds Betting

The fractional betting odds appear in fractions (e.g. 3/1) whereby the number on the left is multiplied and added to the number on the right that represents your stake.

SA Cricket Betting Tips

It is important that all of the cricket bets that players make are supported by stats and some form of strategy. Simply betting on cricket matches and only following your gut will lead to massive losses. Check out some of the cricket bet tips that have been successful for many bettors online. We’ve compiled a list from our expert cricket betting tips guru:

  • Study the Game – the only way that players can make sustain a winning streak is if they make well-informed bets. That means bettors need to understand the rules of the game, follow each game, and know the history of cricket.
  • Stay Updated – bettors should remain abreast of everything in and around cricket and the different leagues. Players get traded or injured and they affect their team’s capabilities of winning cricket matches.
  • Bet based on the latest performance – cricketers have prolific streaks of performances that are motivated by the last game. More so for the batsman, if they were a couple of runs shy of hitting a century, they will make sure they play better the following match.
  • Place a bet on cricket leagues that you can watch – the best bookmaker offers cricket leagues from India, Australia and Europe. Players need to wager on league matches that they can stream online.
  • Check if the Bookmaker is Mobile Compatible – bettors want the freedom to bet from anywhere and anytime. Choose a bookie with an option to download the mobile app and play using your smartphone device.

Cricket Betting Sites South Africa

Best Cricket Betting Leagues

There is a wide range of betting markets that provide coverage of the top cricket leagues in the world. Here’s a list of cricket tournaments and competitions from around the world: