American Football Betting SitesAmerican football betting is a beast of its own. It is similar to rugby, in that it is a highly physical game. But don’t get the two confused, football is a sport that requires a lot of technique and precision. South African’s have gravitated to the sport, watching playoff and Super Bowl games till the early hours of the morning. This is why we’ve featured an online football betting guide to turn their passion for the sport into a money making one.

The National Football League (NFL) is the flagship competition of the sport, and after going through our online guide, you’ll be ready to bet on the NFL. Find a full list of top bookmakers in South Africa that feature football bets online.

Top 5 Football Betting Sites South Africa

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How to Bet Online Football

As one of America’s most popular sports, football matches are broadcast across the world for fans to enjoy. South African bettors can take part in the pastime and bet on football matches online to win. Read through our steps to learn how to bet on football and how to read football betting odds online.

  1. Select a website that is easy to navigate and use. Players can preview the different betting lines on offer and gauge which bet will win the most money.
  2. Observe the mobile betting site and whether it allows you to bet on live football matches. This option gives players a chance to wager on which team will get the next point in-game.
  3. Only consider sites that have good promotions. This includes daily, weekly and monthly promotional bonuses for bettors that visit the website in high frequency.
  4. Always observe the different lines and pick the one with the least risk and highest rewards.

Popular Football Betting Lines

Now that you have a grasp on how to bet on NFL football online, you need to understand how the betting lines work. There are probably six betting lines that you will find offered on every football match online.

  • Moneyline Bets – the most basic of bets, players wager on which team will either win or lose. The money line odds are determined by the overall leaning of bettors on the favourite for the match.
  • Totals Bet Over/Under – this wager relates to a bet on the total score of the match between the two sides. You predict whether it will be below or above what the online bookie has set.
  • Futures – football future bets are probably the most rewarding, especially on major events such as the Super Bowl. Online books release odds of the different conferences and you can wager on the eventual winner.
  • Parlays and Teasers – Parlay betting represents a combination of different bets in a single ticket to boost the potential payout.
  • Season Win Totals – Bookmakers predict the number of games a team will win in the regular season. Gamblers will then wager on whether the team will win less or more games than the predicted total.
  • Football Handicapping – this bet is more of a gut bet, in which players predict a team to win by overcoming a set number of points. It is done to balance the scale as well as make an otherwise obvious win more interesting.
  • Football Betting In Play – All live football betting games add an aura of anything can happen. Bettors wager on live action, point-by-point play and which team will score the next touchdown.

American Football Betting Sites

How Do Odds Work in Football? Football Betting Explained

Typically, as in any sports, you need to have some kind of luck in order to win. While this is true, you stand a better chance of winning when you understand how to read odds. In football betting specifically, bettors have to overcome the juice (also known as vigorish) before you can win. This refers to the price sports books charge for making a bet online. To do that successfully, you can use our how to bet on football tips and win every time:

American Football Betting Predictions Betting Tips

We generally recommend a more conservative start for in players looking to wager on American Football. As a rule of thumb, it’s imperative to always improve your knowledge on the sport than relying on pure luck. Our gambling experts have combined their knowledge to suggest some of the strategies they’ve used to win betting on football:

  • Select a team in form – American football teams that are on a winning streak are very difficult to beat. Wager on a team to extend their winning run and win.
  • Check the football odds – Always look at the betting odds of each bet and if it is worth betting on.
  • Set a Budget – football games can get addictive and you may find yourself betting with money that you do not have. Set a bankroll that you can afford to lose if a bet goes wrong.
  • Once you have gotten the basics of betting down, you need to invest time in learning more about the different leagues, and conferences.
  • Ultimately, you will only win depending on what you put into it. If you research the team’s profile, the players and go through their stats, you will notice patterns that will help you make wiser bets.

If you follow out football tips, we don’t guarantee that you will win all the time, but you will definitely be wiser with each bet you make. Try these tips out at any of our sportsbooks online today.