Tennis Sports Betting SitesThere is no sport that has dominant players that win for long periods of time like pro tennis. This puts fans in a position to make money when betting on tennis. Some tennis players perform better on certain courts and surfaces, which makes the betting odds that much interesting. South African tennis fans can bet on tennis matches online and win massive cash prizes. In online sports betting, tennis has probably the best betting markets, in-play bets and odds. Find the best bookmakers for tennis betting and sign up to one with the best odds. Read through our tennis betting guide to find expert predictions, tips and learn how to bet on tennis and win.

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What You Will Find on this Tennis Betting Guide

How to Bet on Tennis – Beginner’s Guide

Tennis games are not like any other sport, match conditions matter. This means that the turf in which tennis matches are played can be the difference between winning and losing. Before you wager on your favourite tennis player winning, you have to understand the different surfaces in tennis and how they affect the players.

Hard Court Tennis

This relates to the standard tennis court you see on television when watching the big tournaments. As the name suggests, tennis matches are contested on a hard-court surface. Since most tournaments are played on the hard court, it becomes difficult to discern which player has an upper hand. The hard-court tournament differs, with some competitions played indoors and the bigger tournaments played outdoors. The outdoor tournaments include the US Open, Australian Open, and smaller regional tennis tournament. The World Tours are mostly played in indoor arenas.



Grass Tennis

Much quicker and edgy than a hard surface, the grass court tennis matches give the upper hand to players with a quicker serve. Because the tennis ball slides across the court, it becomes difficult for players to return the ball. The Wimbledon Grand Slam is the most famous of all grass courts that pro tennis players visit annually. Once a player has conquered the grass court, they go on to dominate the tournament for a number of years. Tennis legends Pete Sampras and Roger Federer have both found success on the court, both lifting the trophy at the All-England Club a record seven times.


Clay Court Tennis

This court is probably the most draining and testing of tennis courts around. The player’s footwear has to grip the surface when they slide across the court while the ball travels slower. This means that players contest point for longer periods because of the long rallies. The French Open is the most famous clay court and it is synonymous with the name Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard has won the most clay court Grand Slams in history.

Roland Garros Tennis Betting Tips

SA Tennis Betting Odds

Our guide to betting on tennis features the best odds that are specifically related to tennis matches. So, while you can win betting on the outcome of the match, the prize money is significantly different from betting on tennis prop bets. Here are some of the popular bets you can find at top sports betting sites in South Africa:

Live/In-play Tennis Bets

These bets are the most lucrative tennis bets you can find. Bettors wager on the next play, which tennis player will win the next point or set. The beauty of in-play bets is that you can wager on as many as you want before the match is finished. You will be able to see live tennis scores to see which player has the upper hand.

Outright Winner Tennis Bets

SA gamblers wager on the tennis player to win the tournament after all the games have been played. It is a straightforward bet, with the player that has won all of their tennis matches emerging victorious.

Tennis Match Bet

This bet is designated for gamblers that want to bet on the winner of a single game of tennis. After all the points have been tallied, the player with the most set points is the winner. If your gut feeling predicts an upset, you can bet on the underdog and increase your potential payout exponentially.

Handicap Betting

Depending on the ranking of the players, some tennis matches tend to be predictable. For instance, if Novak Djokovic who is the number one seeded tennis player plays against an unseeded player, you can predict which way the game is going to go. To increase your payout, bettors place handicap bets. Just like spread betting, you predict the number of points the underdog will make despite the fact that they will lose the match.

Tennis betting Picks 2024

Tennis Prop Bets

These bets go beyond the margins of points in a tennis match. You bet on events around the tennis game, what will and will not happen. A classic example would be betting on how long the match will last or future bets around which players will be in the final.

Over/Under Betting

Bet on the overall tennis score and the number of sets that it will take for the match to be completed. These bets are predominantly great for bettors that aren’t really sure which way the game will go.

Tennis Betting Strategy & Tips

Our tennis predictions and tips aren’t solely based on studying past match results. A good rundown of the tennis player’s profile, head-to-head performances and specific tennis court prowess is taken to consideration. All of these stats combine to create the best tennis strategy and tips for both beginners and pro bettors. Read through these basic strategies to making tennis bets online:

  • Tennis is a fast-paced sport and games can be decided in a matter of minutes. Players should know the difference between women and men’s tennis. Women’s tennis is much more shorter and men’s tennis has more sets to decide the match.
  • If you don’t have time to watch the entire tournament, future prop bets are the next best thing. They let you choose events that are going to happen even before the tournament begins.
  • Bettors should do their research on certain players, especially before a Grand Slam tournament. There is an emerging brand of talent that has already tasted victory against the recognised players. Players like Stefanos Tsitsipas are regarded as the next generation of tennis players to dominate the sport.
  • Gambling on sports has no room for emotional bets and tennis is no different. If you have a certain preference for a tennis player, you should not let that cloud your judgement. Bet on the best-placed player to win and watch your pockets swell up.