Rugby Betting Predictions 2024Rugby betting online has put the fun into watching your favourite team scoring tries. Besides the fascination of watching ribbed rugby players chase the ball up and down two long poles, rugby has a rich history in South Africa. RSA has won the Rugby World Cup twice, with the last time coming in 2007 when we hosted the tournament in our own back yard. We have a combined all you need to know about betting on rugby online, from how to read rugby betting odds to tips on how to bet and win. Find different competitions to bet on along with rugby predictions from our expert panel online.

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What You Will Find on the Guide

Latest Rugby Betting News

How to Bet on Rugby Matches

When you place a bet on any rugby game online, you have to ensure that you know exactly what you are doing. Knowing which team is pegged as favourites is simply not enough. You also have to make sure that you are betting on a site that has competitive odds and is regulated by a reputable third-party. Follow these steps to learn how rugby betting works online.

  • SA bettors need to compare the best sportsbooks online that have the best odds. The internet is filled with betting sites that offer bets on rugby matches but very few are licensed with the local regulators. Pick a bookmaker that is safe and has been reviewed by independent expert gamblers.
  • Next step is to ensure that you know the actual rugby competition you want to wager on. The rugby international calendar features tons of games around the year, with different tours for both country and domestic teams. Each game is played with much vigour and effort as not only is there much to gain in victory, but teams also get ranked based on their performances. Ultimately, bettors choose the sides that are top of the rugby rankings to win matches.
  • Select a team with the best odds of winning the match. Top-ranked sports books provide a spread of betting odds for players to choose from. The odds fluctuate based on the number of people that choose a similar bet so make sure you bet early.
  • Every rugby bet should be supported by stats and predictions made by analysts and gambling experts. Players should browse through each team’s previous performance, predictions by analysts and place a bet accordingly.

Betting Odds on Rugby Matches

Before you can even place a bet online, you have to know which betting markets are available for certain competitions. Each rugby tournament has specific betting options that cater to the type of matches that are played. Some competitions are free-scoring games with high scores while the more important matches are more conservative. Here are some of the betting markets you’ll find at a South African betting site online.

  • Handicap betting rugby – These types of bets are aimed at balancing the scale, placing the favourite team at a disadvantage before the ball is even kicked. Also referred to as rugby spread betting, the less pegged team to win starts off the game up by a certain point margin. Because the favourite team has to overcome a handicap placed on it, the payout if predicted correctly becomes high as well.
  • Moneyline bets – The money line bet predicts the winner of the rugby match after the match has ended. Bettors need to predict the team to reach the highest score in the contest.
  • Outright bets – This is one of the most rewarding bets available as it sets betting lines on teams to win the tournament before it even begins.
  • Rugby Live Bets – Punters will place in-play bets on rugby games as they occur in real time. SA players will view live rugby scores and predict the next play to win great cash prizes.

Types of Rugby Tournaments

The rugby international calendar pits the best rugby teams against one another to see who comes up tops. Beyond the friendly matches, there is actual silverware on the line. Here’s a list of rugby competitions you can bet on in South Africa.

Rugby Union Betting

You will find many bettors pitting the rugby union vs. rugby league to find out which is the best competition. The rugby union is played by two teams made up of 15 players for each side. The winner of the match is decided over 80 minutes of play with a set of rules that differ to the rugby league variant.


Rugby League Bets

The biggest difference between the two is the number of players that take the field. The rugby league has a total of 13 players as opposed to 15. Most of the rules of the game are pretty similar, with differences being in the possession plays, rusks and line-out guidelines.

Super Rugby Betting Odds

The super rugby competition pits the most competitive rugby nations around the world to see which club is the best. Teams from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Argentina travel from one continent to another fighting for glory.

IRB Rugby World Cup Betting Odds

The month-long tournament takes place every four years and nations need to qualify to make it into the competition. Japan will host the 2024 Rugby World Cup and the winner is regarded as the best rugby side on the planet.

Rugby Championship Odds

No other international rugby betting market is as competitive as the rugby championship as it crowns the best side in the Southern Hemisphere. Countries that take part in the annual tournament include South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. Players looking for online betting options on the rugby championship should do their homework on the strengths of each side.

Rugby Betting Guide for South African bettors

South African Rugby Betting Tips

Rugby tipsters provide useful insight about the game, information that is used by beginners and pros to great effect. Here are some of the rugby league betting tips that bettors should implement when looking to wager on a rugby match online:

  • All bets on the rugby matches need to take into consideration the contest in mind. This relates to the scoring averages in certain competitions and the number of players that participate in the match. For instance, Rugby Sevens are against seven players in each team. That means that there is a high chance for the game to be a high scoring match than games where there are more players.
  • Pay attention to the roster of each team, whether it features the key players in the team or not. Teams perform to their optimal best when they have all their players on the field.
  • Check the head-to-head battles and the latest match results to get an impression on the sides form.

Ultimately, in the game of rugby, anything can happen. However, the stats help you reduce the probability of losing by making an informed bet online. Head over to any of our top rated sports betting sites and bet on rugby today.