Europa league betting OddsEurope’s best football sides battle it out for the honour of making it into the UEFA Europa League every season. This is a prestigious honour, in which winners of the tournament will automatically qualify to play the UEFA Super Cup final against the winner of the Champions League. It was first introduced in 1971, and the competition was previously known as the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. Nowadays, Europe’s elite club sides fight it out to be crowned the best. Bet on Europa League matches at our recommended sportbooks online and win big.


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What You Will Find on this Guide

Europa League Betting Predictions

In order to find the best bets for Europa league, you need to know where to look. The net is full of sports betting sites that offer betting odds on Europa League games. However, not all of them provide information on how to bet. Punters should search for online bookmakers that provide competitive lines and odds on Europa matches and sign up to claim their bonus offer.

To understand how to pick winners in each game, players need to check the previous games. This helps them to see how the teams have fared over the period of the tournament. Some teams have collected points with a string of inspired performances. This will be shown on the Europa League table and punters will be able to gauge if the team will win or not.

Europa League Odds

Betting on the Europa League is an exciting way for football fans to increase their knowledge of the sport and potentially make a profit. Odds for matches in the UEFA Europa League vary and can be found from various online sportsbooks, with each book offering different odds based on their analysis of the teams competing. With so much competition, bettors should have no problem finding the best betting lines and odds to maximize their potential winnings!

Betting odds are offered on the Europa League each year, giving football fans a chance to follow the action and place their wagers. The competition starts with 32 teams competing in 12 groups of four, consisting of second-place finishers from Europe's domestic leagues, alongside the winners of the Country's cup for that season. Following the group stage, two teams from each group advance to face off against eight third-place teams from the Champions League in a round of 32 games.

If you're a bettor looking to get your hands on the exciting Europa League betting odds, then look no further. Every year, this soccer club tournament presents some of the most lucrative and unpredictable wagers in sports. In 2022, Eintracht Frankfurt took the title with a thrilling 5-4 penalty shootout victory over Ranger's after 42 years without any European success. Perfectly primed for some fantastic betting opportunities, the Europa League is definitely one to watch!

Europa League Betting Predictions

How To Bet On Europa League

  • If you're looking to place a bet on the Europa League, one of the best options is outright betting. This type of wager allows you to bet on which team will win the tournament outright without having to pick individual matches. With world-class teams from all over Europe vying for victory in this prestigious competition, there are plenty of exciting markets and fantastic odds available.
  • One of the most popular markets is predicting which team will win the tournament. By placing a wager on this market, you can receive a significantly larger payout if you invest more money in it at the beginning.
  • Place a wager on whoever will qualify for each round with the Odds to Qualify market. Make predictions on who will make it to the semi-finals through the “Name the Semi-Finalists” market. Additionally, place your bet on the group's overall winner with the Outright Group Winners market. Please note that while you can still place bets, the odds may not be as high as expected.
  • Betting on both teams to score in the Europa League is a popular choice among football punters. Over half of all Europa League matches (over the past 5 years) have seen goals for both teams; conversely, only 7% ended in a 0-0 draw. Thus, this bet seems to offer excellent value for money.
  • Accumulator Betting on multiple games happening in the same night may be the way to go. Every round of the Europa League is played on the same night, and in some cases, up to 32 games! Taking advantage of multiple games every round gives you more potential opportunities with better odds than if you were to bet on individual matches. Bettors looking to make an accumulator wager on the Europa League will have plenty of betting options, with various teams and markets giving a variety of potential outcomes. As such, there are great odds available for those looking to make big profits from their bets.
  • Betting odds in the Europa League are heavily influenced by home advantage. During the past five seasons, the home teams have come out on top 47.5% of the time - much higher than other major European Leagues. This is due to the increased quality of teams throughout Europe and makes betting on this league more exciting than any other.
  • If you’re interested in taking part in Europa League betting, the odds are very favourable when it comes to predicting more goals. Over the last few years, there has been an upsurge in the number of goals scored during Europa League games, although stats show that they generally still average slightly fewer goals per game than those found in other European leagues.
  • If you’re looking to place bets on Europa League games, it’s important to keep an eye on the betting odds. With three goals per game in the previous season, the Europa League was second only to Serie A when it comes to Europe’s top scoring competitions. Be sure to look into the latest odds before placing your wager!
  • For betting on the Europa League, looking at games with two or more goals scored is a good strategy. Approximately 80% of Europa League matches with two or more goals have seen four or more goals scored in them. On the other hand, if you bet on games with less than 2.5 goals being scored, over half of all Europa League matches will have at least 2.5 goals scored in them.

Europa League Past Winners

With Sevilla having taken home the Europa League trophy a record six times, it is clear that even though the prestige of this tournament may not be as high as the Champions League, major football clubs still take it seriously. As such, when evaluating the current domestic season form and performance in previous seasons for each competing team, bettors can trust that the betting odds set for these matches will be just as sharp.

Betting odds suggest that Juventus are the favorites to win this year's Europa League, as they have the most wins of a European Cup (3) and no Italian side has won since Parma.

Year Winner’s Country Winner Score Runner-Up
2000/01  England Liverpool 5 – 4 Deportivo Alavés
2001/02 Netherlands Feyenoord 3–2 Borussia Dortmund
2002/03  Portugal Porto 3–2 Celtic
2003/04  Spain Valencia 2–0 Marseille
2004/05  Russia CSKA Moscow (UCL) 3–1 Sporting CP
2005/06  Spain Sevilla 4–0 Middlesbrough
2006/07  Spain Sevilla 2–2 Espanyol
2007/08  Russia Zenit Saint Petersburg 2–0 Rangers
2008/09  Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk 2–1[E] Werder Bremen
2009/10  Spain Atlético Madrid 2–1 Fulham
2010/11  Portugal Porto 1–0 Braga
2011/12  Spain Atlético Madrid 3–0 Athletic Bilbao
2012/13  England Chelsea 2–1 Benfica
2013/14  Spain Sevilla 0–0 Benfica
2014/15  Spain Sevilla 3–2 Dnipro
2015/16  Spain Sevilla 3–1 Liverpool
2016/17  England Manchester United 2–0 Ajax
2017/18  Spain Atlético Madrid 3–0 Marseille
2018/19  England Chelsea 4–1 Arsenal
2019/20  Spain Sevilla 3–2 Inter Milan
2020/21  Spain Villarreal 1–1 Manchester United
2021/22  Germany Eintracht Frankfurt 1–1 Rangers