Sportstake Predictions and Tips Sportstake is an extension of some of the offers provided by the National Lottery that offers soccer bettors the chance to crack the jackpot prize and become instant millionaires. There are 13 premium soccer matches that are predetermined by the operator, with fixtures; featuring teams from all across the world. Players need to choose between win-draw-loose bets to claim the progressive jackpot pool cash prize.

The great thing about this competition is that your Sportstake ticket does not always require SA punters to have all of the match outcomes correct. You still stand a chance of winning even if you go one matches incorrect. Go through our guide to learn how to play Sportstake 13, how to use Sportstake PROPICK predictions and tips.

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What is SportStake 13?

SportStake 13 is an African soccer pool competition sponsored by the South Africa National Lottery. Players must make predictions about the outcome of 13 pre-selected soccer games in order to be eligible for a share of the prize money.

Sportstake 13 is a weekly competition run by the South African national lottery with games held on both midweek and weekend days. Results for each draw are publicized on Mondays and Fridays, giving players in South Africa an opportunity to win prizes from the lottery.

How to Bet Sports Stake 13

Play Sportstake OnlineLearn how to play Sportstake 13 weekend and midweek fixtures without going to your local store and filling in a physical Sportstake betslip. Now you can do all of this online, all you need to do is go to the Ithuba National Lottery website and register to play online. You will be required to fill in the information and deposit funds into your account. From as little as R2, players can win up to R2000, which is the maximum wager per Betslip. Here’s a step by step rendition of how to play using the website.

  • Log in to the official National Lottery website
  • Create your account by filling your full details and required information in the spaces provided
  • Deposit funds into your account
  • There will be 13 fixtures that you will need to make a prediction on the result. Your options will be to determine whether the home team (team on the left) will either win [1], draw the game [X] or lose the game [2].
  • Alternatively, players can choose the PROPICK option which is ultimately the computer generating outcomes based on its algorithms on your behalf.
  • Players can make more than one bet on a line. For instance, you may bet that the home team will either win or draw the game. In this instance, you will need to add R200 to your Multi-Play Sportstake ticket.
  • You will be able to find Sportstake results SA on the website and collect your winnings.

You will find it easier to place your individual bets if understand the rules. Go through our Sportstake tips and improve your chances of winning betting online.

How to Win SportStake 13

If you have an eye for detail and good prediction skills, Sportstake 13 could be the perfect game for you! To join the pool of winners, players must correctly predict 10 out of 13 matches. The more accurate your predictions are, the more chances you have of coming out a winner in this betting game! Sportstake 13 has four prize divisions, which are Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and Division 4.

Sportstake 13 is a game where you can try to win an ever-growing prize pool if you are able to correctly predict all 13 matches. If nobody wins, the prize pool is rolled over and added to the next draw. If you manage to hit all 13 predictions right, you'll be in line to win Division 1 - meaning you get to share out of the total prize fund!

To participate in Sportstake 13, one has to predict 13 correct results to join the winnings from Prize Division 3 or 10 correct results to become a winner of the Prize Division 4 prize pool. For example, to be eligible for Prize Division 4, a player only needs 11 correct results.

Want to hit the jackpot with Sportstake 13? Winning the Division 1 prize requires correctly predicting all 13 fixtures, while lower divisions require a minimum of 10-12 correct predictions. If no-one manages to win any of the second, third and fourth Divisions, their pool funds will be rolled over to Division 1 of the next game.

What are the Payouts like?

Sportstake 13 is a game in which players select the correct outcome of multiple matches and guess the score of each match within a week to win. The amount of the prize pool, which can change due to rollovers or the number of players that join, determines the winning payouts.

In South Africa, Sportstake 13 is the premier lottery pool game, with the chance to win up to R350, 000 in the Division 1 pool. There are multiple winners in each of the other pools, so you never know what your payout could be!

The South African national lottery runs Sportstake 13, a lottery-style game that features 13 rounds of predictions based on predetermined lists of event outcomes. Players can choose to predict one or more matches per round, and the pool fund is distributed among multiple divisions. 30% of the pool fund is allocated to the first prize division, 15% goes towards the second, and 20% is reserved for those who win the third prize division.

Sportstake 13 offers many prizes, with the largest portion of the pool fund reserved for Prize Division 4, which is 35% of the total. This sizable amount often results in many players winning this division.

Sportstake Tips

We recommend going through our Sportstake tips to get a better grasp on the rules of the competition, lest you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. The Sportstake soccer jackpot pool differs if your betting ticket was made online or offline. Generally, the competitions are available in mid-week and weekend soccer contests, whereby you need to predict at least 12 out of 13 matches to be guaranteed a prize. You never know how much you are going to win because the payout is calculated based on the number of tickets in the pool that won and lost. The prizes are shared amongst the punters that got all 13 fixtures correctly. Should there be no single winner of the jackpot prize, the players that predicted 12 matches correct will share the jackpot prize.

If you made multi-play bets, your payout will be different to a player that won from a single entry that costs R2. This is because the probability of a player with more bets is inflated than the one that has only made straight bets. Players should note that a valid Sportstake betslip consists of correct outcomes over a 90-minute period. This means that the results considered are only over two halves unless specified that the extra time is valid. Penalty shootouts are simply considered as a draw.

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