Soccer Any 15 ResultsSoccer 15 is the latest soccer betting competition from TAB. It follows similar betting rules as the popular soccer prediction games from the operator. SA bettors wager on 15 matches to play on soccer bet this weekend and win big jackpot prizes. All you need to do is pick any 15 soccer matches from a pool that features local and international league competitions and predict the result correctly.

South African soccer fans are provided a list of a 30-match pool and can pick half of the games that they can predict every weekend. Learn how to play soccer any 15 games and win big. Players have the option of visiting the local TAB store to play soccer bet games or use the online platform. You can find the soccer any 15 results and payout on the internet, updated after the last games are played. Here’s a list of the best sports betting sites in South Africa to bet on soccer matches and win.

Top Soccer Bet Sites

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What you will find on the Soccer 15 Guide

How to Play Soccer 15

Learning how to play soccer any 15 is relatively easy if you are familiar with TAB soccer games. If not, don’t fret! This page will provide a step-by-step guide of how to play online. As already mentioned above, there is a list of 30 matches from different soccer leagues from around the world. You will need to pick any 15 matches and predict the match result. The options include the following:

  • Team A win (home team)
  • Draw
  • Team B win (away team)

The betting options allow players to make a single entry or play multiple entries. You will be charged an additional cost if you choose more than one entry. A single-entry costs R1 and you add R1 for an additional entry. You can find any 15 soccer results on the website for the pool and matches you wagered on. It is important to understand that you can still get a payout if you do not get all of your soccer predictions correctly. If you get 14 of the 15 matches correct, you will receive a payout based on the number of people that also got the same amount of games correct.

Soccer 15 Tips

Every punter looks for free soccer tips for today’s matches and predictions from expert gamblers. While we do not suggest that our tips and predictions are the holy grail, we have spent an extensive amount of time researching the different leagues and offer our expert predictions to SA bettors. Soccer tips for tomorrow help bettors that would otherwise bet on their emotions. Here’s what you need to consider before your next bet:

  • Choose a league that you are familiar with and regularly watch.
  • Limit the number of multiple entries you make because it adds up to make the ticket expensive. Be confident in predicting if the match is going to be a win for either team of a draw.
  • You become more confident in your bets when you do your due diligence and research the team’s current form.

Soccer 15 Payout

The website displays the results and payout but it doesn’t mean that you will win the entire jackpot if you predict all of the matches correctly. The payout is distributed in percentages in which 70% of the pool will be rewarded to bets with all correct 15 matches and the remaining 30% of pool for entries with any 14 of the 15 matches coming correct. Should the 70% percentage of the pool have no winner, it is carried over and added to the 70% portion of a selected Soccer 10 pool. This soccer 15 rules apply to the 30% portion of the prize. If no one predicts any 14 matches correctly, the pool prize is paid to any 13 games correct or any 12 or 11 and so forth.

Latest Soccer 15 Fixture

You can peak through the latest Soccer 15 fixtures from different markets. The top picks of the weekend are compiled into a list of 30 matches for bettors to choose from. You can play Soccer 15 every Saturday at a TAB store near you or on the online platform. Download the app on the Apps Store or Google Play to access the latest fixtures every weekend.

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